Training in Action

As part of the NTG ‘Homebuild’ project H&C provided all carpentry packages for the construction of 30 new 3 & 4 bedroom transportable homes set to be transported to all corners of remote NT.

In the early stages of this project it was evident that training was going to be one of the key advantages. All businesses involved were proactive in sourcing enthusiastic workers from all walks of life and giving them an opportunity for a new career in construction.

Demonstration and repetition are key learning tools for trade trainees, and working under multiple tradesmen has provided the added advantage of learning each persons ‘tricks of the trade’. After having worked on multiple houses these young men were given one of the last buildings to claim as their own and show off what they could do.

There are clear and defined standards for quality and finish on each area, but when supervisors checked off the Inspection Test Plans (ITP’s) on completion they couldn’t fault one item.

A first-year carpentry apprentice has demonstrated a real finesse for external cladding. He made his supervising tradesman particularly proud when he presented to site with his own set of gilbos.

For these young men and women, what started off as watching, learning, and assisting has turned into taking ownership, problem-solving, and executing to an outstanding quality.

Interested in a building career?

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