Remote Housing

As a locally owned and operated business various directors, operators, and employees have lived and worked across various remote locations within the Northern Territory.

Through this experience they have gained a personal and in depth understanding of our unique environment, and the challenges and opportunities they present.

To be successful in this space H&C prioritise planning and preparation, regular and transparent communication, and a positive attitude to working in with others to solve issues as they arise.

As a business we understand the landscape as a whole including how various organisations work in collaboration with one another. Keeping in mind the limited access to trades, and difficulty accessing various equipment and materials, project resources are utilised to benefit all local stakeholders to maximise on joint outcomes. At all times priority is given to providing employment and training opportunities for local community members.


Installation of Modular Housing


Northern Transportables




Mobilisation of a team of tradesmen, plant and equipment, tools and materials to various remote communities across the Territory. Project teams are responsible for receiving and installing modular housing. The scope varies from site to site but generally includes demolition, earthworks, concrete, plumbing, electrical, and final connection of all essential services. This project is part of the Northern Territory Government initiative to improve Aboriginal housing in remote communities.


Reducing overcrowding and improving living conditions, promoting local decision making and engagement with communities, developing Aboriginal Business Enterprises, and providing sustainable local employment and economic development.