Dept of Defence

H&C staff members are Defence Common Access Card (DCAC) approved, and have worked across various bases across the Northern Territory.

As a proud and patriotic company with strong ties to the sector, H&C is eager to work alongside the Department of Defence and affiliated organisations to contribute to our country’s capability for defence.

Hawkins & Clements endorse the Defence Reservist Scheme and their statement of support;
“All Australians share responsibility for our national security, including a capable and resilient Australian Defence Force with permanent and reserve components. As responsible corporate citizens, we pledge support to our employees/students who serve our nation as Australian Defence Force Reservists, and to provide the leave required for their service obligations.”

The business supports military members past and present. H&C has a working relationship with Soldier On, understanding the effects that serving our country has had on many ex-serving members and their families.

Previous training in punctuality, document control, quality workmanship and presentation all form attributes in workers that we as employers strive for. Reservists and Ex-Defence Force members work to this high level of diligence and do it without the need to be prompted or reminded.


Radio Equipment Building, Tindal Airbase


Zancott Knight




Construction of a Radio Equipment Building. Includes all air conditioning and mechanical services, structural support for the mounting of the antenna system, extension of the existing earthing and lightning protection, mains power, standby power and critical power supplies from the SEB to new building including new electrical switchboards, cable trays, and aerial cabling.


A purpose-built facility to enable critical air traffic control aviation radio capability at RAAF Tindal as part of the AIR5431 Phase 3 project.