Our People

To us, building the future is just as much about building our peoples strengths and capabilities as it is about bricks and mortar.

One of the key objectives of our business is to constantly develop and improve our workforce, giving opportunity for real career pathways to the next generation of tradesmen and women. 

We actively seek apprentices and school-based apprentices through relationships with local schools & Australian Apprenticeships NT (AANT)
as our mission is to provide the next generation of tradespeople with opportunities to work, learn and grow. We also support the Sentenced to a Job Program, as we know the importance of giving people a chance to unlock their full potential.

H&C has a documented Indigenous Development Plan (IDP) and work to recruit and support Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander (ATSI) staff to thrive in the workplace. We work hand in hand with Saltbush enterprises to find candidates interested in a career in construction, assist them to identify individual strengths and areas of interest and undertake training.

All employment at H&C commences with a Skills & Training Assessment, documenting where the individual is now and where they want to be in the future. Site supervisors are tasked with monitoring progress and changing teams to provide trainees with the opportunity to challenge themselves, participate in different scopes, and work under the supervision of multiple tradesmen. 

Our people are encouraged to participate in accredited training within their preferred field. Tailored to the individual, training may be as significant as a certificate or trade apprenticeship, or as straight forward as recognition of prior learning or a license to operate a particular piece of equipment. 

Our focus on fostering and mentoring means we attract motivated people who are keen to become highly trained building specialists. A win-win result for our people, our company, and the community.


Chris van Rensburg

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Adam Griffiths

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Claire van Rensburg